MIGUEL VIEIRA AW 2015/2016 Fashion Week Poland

Opublikowano: 19 kwietnia, 2015
MIGUEL VIEIRA AW 2015/2016 Fashion Week Poland

Minimalist and luxurious collection, inspired by the materials used, the fabrics themselves and their implementation process.

With handcrafted basis and impeccably tailored, the suits are meticulously built by artisans with the best cashmeres, the „handmade” shoes are built by the most experienced craftsmen, and the knit ties and shirts are like a second skin.

Very rich technical fabrics, jacquard fabrics with geometric motifs, worked leather and bicolor sequins. This blend of technical fabrics with noble and luxurious fabrics results in a „clean” silhouette.

The apparently simple pieces have details from previous decades and sports details, but always with a classic basis which gives them a modern and simultaneously sophisticated and elegant „look”. For men and women of strong personality, for whom luxury and perfection must always be present.

The color is palette dominated by the beige – coffee with milk; bordeaux – wine; brown – coffee liqueur; blue – Limoges; and black – charcoal.


FOTO Stanisław Wadas